DCI is a custom powder coating shop located outside Charlotte, NC. Our goal is to provide the customer with a superior powder coating service.

How Does Powder Coating Work?
Powder coating is a dry finishing process. An electrostatic charge is applied to finely ground particles of pigment and resin, then sprayed onto the products. The parts being coated are electrically grounded, so that the charged particles adhere to them. The items are then placed in a curing oven, where the powder melts and fuses into a solid coating. The result is an attractive, durable, high-quality finish. The powder coating process is environmentally friendly and virtually pollution-free.

What Can Be Powder Coated?
The following is a short list of items that are now being powder coated.

Gas and electric ranges
Barbecue grills

Aluminum doors/windows
Shutters and louvers
Bathroom fixtures
Hand and power tools
Fire extinguishers
Satellite dishes
Metal fencing
Metal gutters
Guard rails
Structural steel
Irrigation pipes
Highway signs

Door handles
Windshield wipers
Steering wheels
Engine blocks
Shock absorbers
Valve covers
Brake assemblies
Trailers and hitches
Mirror brackets
Auto bodies

Lawn And Garden
Lawn mowers
Garden tools

Patio furniture
Metal beds
Kitchen tables/chairs
Folding chairs/tables
Cribs and playpens
Metal cabinets

Miscellaneous Metal Products
Playground equipment
Bicycle frames/wheels
Metal toys and wagons
Computer Frames/cabinets
Basketball hoops
All-terrain vehicles

Tom’s Tips

Before dropping off your parts:

  1. Create an inventory list and bring it with your parts. It also helps to list them by color. This will also help us with generating a price quote.
  2. If you are planning a project that will use both powder and liquid on the same unit, it is always best to pick the powder color first. It is easier to match the liquid to the powder rather than vice versa. We can spray a test panel for you take to the paint store when trying to make a match.
  3. Using masking tape or duct tape, mark any areas or places that you do not want blasted or coated.

Before picking up your parts:

  1. Bring old blankets/towels when picking up your completed parts. These can be used to protect the pieces during transport. Old carpet cut into small pieces also works well if you fold them over with the carpet exposed on both sides.